• September 16th and 17th: Wonder Valley Women’s Retreat

Amy is available to speak on such topics as:

  1. Intentional Living: how to set goals and stick to them
  2. What Not to Wear: Overcoming anxiety, guilt, and negative thinking
  3. Self-Evaluation in the 360 Mirror: Identifying our strengths and weaknesses
  4. Sharing Secrets: How to deal with unconfessed sin
  5. Guilt: Learning to accept God’s grace
  6. The Comparison Trap: We all have unique gifts and shouldn’t worry about what other women can do that we can’t
  7. You Are Not a Mistake: Finding your worth in Christ
  8. Someone Worth Following: Learning to say thank you, please and I’m sorry
  9. Parenting topics: discipline, family values, parenting styles, anger management, faith, common struggles,
  10. Intimacy in marriage
You can email her at alanham@bluemarble.net if you are interested in having her speak at your event.

One thought on “Speaking

  1. Hi
    I am writing children’s story books – the photo Threshold of the Unknown” will be very suitable for my book – Can I get your permission to use it?
    Thank you

    Susan Fox

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