Meet Amy

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I’m Amy, wife to Jason, a marketer of medical products who also happens to be a former minister. We’ve made our acquaintance with the joys and challenges of full-time ministry and know it’s a hard job. My two lively, creative, thoughtful boys keep me on my toes. Somehow we survived 8 years of staying home together 24 hours a day. My oldest is enjoying junior high, and my youngest is now in 5th grade. Yet, it seems like yesterday I was picking Cheerios up off of the floor.

For 9 years, before my duties as a mom, I taught at the elementary school I attended as a child. My fourth grade teacher mentored me my first year. This year I am returning to teaching at a local Christian school.

I spent several years working in women’s ministry both as a volunteer and as part-time staff. I relished my time with fellow moms when I had littles, and enjoyed pouring into the young moms as my own children grew. Most of what I know about leadership I learned during this season.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find yourself nodding and relating to my posts. There is always joy to be found in the middle of life’s mess.

Thanks to Gift of Today Photography for the great photos!


Some posts to help you learn about me, or simply some of my favorites.

A little abouthow cancer has affected our family.

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My journey toward better health: how I learned just because someone isn’t overweight doesn’t mean they’re healthy.

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8 thoughts on “Meet Amy

    • Thanks for stopping by, Maggie! It’s always so fun to read about all you are doing in L.A. Trying to go the direction of your dreams is never easy, but usually rewarding! Best wishes.

  1. Hi Amy,

    I found your blog listed on Jeff Goins’ 500 Words writing challenge. I was drawn to the title; it’s a phrase that my spiritual mentor used to encourage me whenever I was letting myself get stressed. Trust God in the middle of the mess. It was very good advice.

    I also wanted to encourage you as you embark on writing 500 words a day this month. May it be a productive and insightful experience for you.


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