I Have Two


A minor tragedy struck our home this weekend. My ten-year-old’s fish died. More specifically, it struggled in a rather horrific way in its last several hours. It was even uncomfortable for me to watch. Poor Joshua was traumatized. We don’t have cats or dogs around here, so this was kind of a big deal.

He called us up to his room in a panic, and I knew as soon as I saw the gasping and flopping that death was imminent. Little brother was quite concerned, too. Austin has a tender, compassionate heart, and he couldn’t stand to see his brother (or the fish) in distress. He ended up in tears, too.

I took Joshua to my room so he could lay down next to me while I rubbed his head. Austin eventually joined us.

“You know, Bubby,” Austin began, “I have two fish and you only had one. I don’t really need both of them. You can have one of mine if you want. You can even pick.”

Doesn’t your heart just melt? I love unprovoked generosity…just pure, genuine, love-driven.

Luke 6:29 says, “If someone demands your coat, offer your shirt also.” I love the idea of going above and beyond, but sometimes that’s hard to do. I’m so proud of Austin, because not only did he offer something that belonged to him, but he also was going to allow his brother to choose.

As I seek to have a more generous heart this year, I will do well to learn from my children. 

What do you have that you can share? Is there anything you are holding onto that resides in your house that might be better used by someone else? Anything for which you have a duplicate, and you can generously say, “I have two”? Share your abundance, my friends!



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