Redeemed by a Swimming Pool


Redeem: to compensate for the bad aspects of something

Situations exist in life that cannot be changed, but they can be redeemed.Sometimes redemption comes in the most unlikely of ways.

Back in the spring, my sweet friend, Sadee, found out the lease on her house could not be renewed and she and her husband would have to find new housing in approximately one month’s time.That’s a lot of stress all at once, especially when you love where you live.

Much to their joy and surprise, Sadee and Aaron were able to find a home in their same neighborhood that they could actually afford to buy, not simply rent. The anticipation of being first time homeowners was tremendous. The house seemed to have everything they could dream of, including a pool.

Now, there are a few details you need to know. First of all,  they are abundantly blessed with the gift of hospitality. They love little more than to open their home to people of all faiths, nationalities, and backgrounds. Although Sadee is only in her 30’s, my sons say she is just like a grandma because she will give you anything at all from her cupboards or fridge! I love the analogies kids come up with.

Secondly, there is great significance to a house with a pool. At the tender age of eight, Sadee lost her mama to cancer. Sadee’s mom had always wanted to buy the lot next to their house and put in a pool. After her mom passed, her dad reassured her that at least some things would be easier, including the fact their finances wouldn’t be so tight anymore since there wouldn’t be any further medical bills. Sadee immediately asked if they could put in the pool her mama had dreamed of. Of course, finances might be better, but not that good, so her dad responded to her request with a definitive no. Although, I’m sure it had to break her daddy’s heart to not be able to comply. What a sweet example of the innocence of children and how their young minds work.

I don’t believe God cares if we have swimming pools, but I do believe He seeks to redeem broken hearts. Sadee’s mom died on May 4th, 1985. Guess when Sadee moved into her new home with a pool? Over the weekend of May 4th, 2014. Some things come full circle in the most miraculous of ways that we could never anticipate. Not in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would own a home with a pool.

But the story doesn’t end there. There is one more nugget I have to add to this story that makes it personal for me. After Sadee and Aaron moved in, they found out that the pool was in need of some repairs. All of the hype took a sudden downward turn. The homeowner’s insurance policy did not cover all of the repairs. There were some expenses they didn’t anticipate. On top of it, they couldn’t get the chemicals adjusted correctly after the parts and pieces were repaired. Weeks went by before it was usable.

Finally, all was set. On the first day she could have friends over from our church to swim, I was ready to go! That same morning I got a call from my Aunt Helen with a special request.You see, my cousin Natalie’s husband had just passed away from cancer. Their youngest child, Bo, didn’t have as much of a support network as his two older teenage brothers. Aunt Helen asked if I would arrange to have him do something with my boys one day. Since we just so happened to be going to Sadee’s pool, I called and invited him along.

All that to say, that on one of the first days Sadee could open her pool to a lot of people, she was able to entertain a young nine-year-old boy who had just lost his daddy to cancer. I just don’t think that is a coincidence. Bo spent his summer with a sick dad, but was able to find some joy, at least for a couple of hours…in Sadee’s pool…that her mama dreamed of. Yes, we see pain in their stories, but we also see glimpses of God’s faithfulness.

Don’t ever think your dreams are silly. God is redeeming your story. It might cost a little extra time, effort, money, or heartache, but even the darkest situations can be brought full circle to joy. Our stories are written to intersect and to bring healing!



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