Donut Day Disaster


Today is National Donut Day, or as the sign says “Natinal Donut Day.” Woops. Bummer.

Today is also the first day my boys are out of school for the summer. They love donuts. What better way to celebrate the occasion?

Sometimes our plans don’t turn out as anticipated.

Trying to be a fun mom, I announced the fact that we were headed to get donuts for this special occasion. The boys talked all the way there about the kind of donuts they wanted. Austin insisted on chocolate milk, too, because milk made at home with chocolate syrup just isn’t the same.

We got there and the line was quite long. I’d never heard of this special day before, but apparently lots of others were also now in the know.

One problem became apparent immediately. On a day made for donuts, lots of people want them, and the fancy donuts get taken first. Just the plain janes remained. The boys were not happy.

Now, you need to understand something about this donut shop. They are notorious for being somewhat unfriendly, or simply ambivalent. Approaching the counter with children nearly gives me hives every time as they rush me to take my order. Today the problem was magnified with the disappearance of the normal favorites.

I might have just left, with the exception one of the ladies at the counter had already given Austin a balloon. They would surely tar and feather me if I left the store with a balloon and no donuts.

IMG_1385So imagine this: lots of people, few donuts, whining children, grumpy cashiers. All recipe for one disgruntled mama.

We settled for glazed donuts, grabbed the chocolate milk, and made our way to the car. Austin proceeded to complain because I wouldn’t let him indulge in the car.

“If I hear one more complaint on the way home, no one eats the donuts we’ve gotten!” I holler. That’s parenting at its finest right there.

The trip home resulted in absolute silence. Yea for summer vacation, right?

My guilt over the experience piled up even higher as I reflected on a picture I had seen earlier in the day, which had reminded me it was Donut Day. My friend had posted a picture of her family eating there with broad smiles on their faces enjoying a family devotion together out of Jesus Calling. Why did I feel like I just wanted to strangle someone on my trip to the same place?

Our disaster ended up in a good lesson for all of us, though.

As I got out of the car, I apologized that our excursion hadn’t turned out like I’d hoped. “At least they HAD some donuts, right?” I encouraged.

“Right. These will be good,” my oldest joined in.

“Thanks for the chocolate milk, mom. I can’t wait to eat these,” the youngest added.

And do you  know what? Those plain glazed donuts were WARM. And they tasted darn good in spite of the fact we would have preferred some with chocolate and sprinkles.

I wish I had tried to be more positive before I got home, but I’ll consider this one a win in the end.

So Happy “Natinal” Donut Day. Sometimes we just have to make the best of our circumstances. And next year we’ll go earlier in the morning or buy a box from the grocery store.

IMG_1384 IMG_1382 IMG_1381


3 thoughts on “Donut Day Disaster

  1. I love this!! We often joke that the “we’re doing this as a family and YOU. WILL. HAVE. FUN.” kind of outings are often the most disastrous, but also the most memorable. On a side note … my husband took the kids to Krispy Kreme after their last day of school (I was working) and none of them thought to bring a donut back for me. I’m almost over it….

    • Oh, why is it that when we try to do fun things as parents, they often end in someone being disgruntled. And recently my husband took the kids to get frozen yogurt and didn’t bring me any either. Sounds like we have some things in common!

    • I’ve has frustration, many times, over trying to do something fun. Sometimes I think I try too hard. And, my family went to get frozen yogurt recently and didn’t bring me any either. I feel your pain.

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