What We Lose When We Hold on Too Tight









The above quote was mentioned at the end of an episode of Criminal Minds, and it stuck with me. Once upon a time I fancied myself a police officer, private detective, or FBI agent. My life doesn’t look anything like I anticipated at the tender age of 14.

Life can take unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes clearly for the better, and other times what might appear for the worse.

The past year I’ve been refining and exercising my dreaming skills. I love thinking about ways in which I can change the world. I wouldn’t have dreamed ten years ago my future would consist of writing.

Dreams are good, but sometimes they can stand in the way of where we’re meant to be.

There is also the danger of remaining in a sea of bitterness. Just because life hasn’t turned out the way we expected it to, doesn’t mean there isn’t something else good in our future.

Just today I had a fascinating conversation with a woman who was a former drug abuser. She could live in regret over her former life, but she is choosing to embrace her new life and make the best of things. Right now it looks like her son will be the first in her family to attend college. She has picked up the pieces and is moving forward. Wouldn’t you agree that’s a good direction?

Sometimes we must release in order to embrace.

What regrets do you have that are preventing you from appreciating the now? What do you need to do to appreciate the present, even if it isn’t what you envisioned?

Wishing you blessings for your weekend,



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