Say Goodbye to Survival Mode ~ Book Review


So, I signed up for for BookLook Bloggers sponsored by HarperCollins. I can choose complimentary books that are interesting to me in exchange for an honest review. The librarian in me just had to give it a try.

I chose Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine as my first book. I guess you could say I was simply curious. I’ve heard of her site, and thought I might learn a few things from her. I don’t feel like I’m currently in survival mode, so I think I may have felt more favorably about the book if I was in the midst of crisis.

The book explores practical ideas to help you be intentional. Crystal is a wife, mom, and runs a very successful blog about saving money and living frugally. She speaks from her own experienced of taking on more than she could handle and strategies she used to make her life more manageable. Crystal talks about how to say no, how to set goals, how to discover your passions, and how to make better use of your resources. She also addresses the comparison trap and feelings of inadequacy. Helpful tips are given for managing your home in a more effective way.

Sadly, I was disappointed. Granted, there are some very practical suggestions. However, reading this book actually gave me anxiety. There is no wonder why she felt the need to write this book. Her schedule is crazy busy. I have no idea how she manages to accomplish all she does in a day. Even her life tamed would be beyond my capabilities of managing.

If you are an extremely Type A personality with tons of energy, then this book is definitely for you. If you love making lists and creating spreadsheets, then Crystal is your lady. I love her suggestions for having a plan through setting goals. She specifically outlines how to do this. I appreciate the fact that she shares her failures and how she worked to overcome them. She is a great example of how success doesn’t usually come overnight. Additionally, she clearly knows what she is talking about since she has lived it. Nothing can beat firsthand experience.

Read this book if your commitments exceed your ability to keep up and you tend to be an organized person anyway. It would also be good for someone who is normally a driven person, but feels a bit stuck. If you are someone already overwhelmed with the thought of too much on your plate, don’t read this. You’ll only question your abilities. I think it is important to remember we’re all created to handle different levels of chaos. My tolerance is low, therefore I didn’t find this book helpful for me.



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