Real Life Pirate Adventures


With two boys in the house nearly every day is filled with joy and adventure. We don’t have to venture outside of our own walls to find excitement. My boys enjoy reading and being read to, which provides many hours of entertainment transporting us to places all over the world. They are beginning to grow out of the pretend play phase, but much time has been spent acting as spies, performing military feats, and fighting pirates.

Speaking of pirates, nearly every boy is intrigued with the idea of buried treasure. To capitalize on this, and their quest for adventure, our family started geocaching last year.

Today I’m guest posting over at a new online friend’s blog. To read the rest of my story  visit Rachel’s page! Rachel is a mom, writer, editor and musician who desires to live intentionally. Her family focuses on a value each month. This month is joy, adventure and play. After reading the rest of my post, look around her blog for a bit. You’ll find some good ideas!


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