Life Through a Lens

Tourist on holiday using mobile cell phoneThe music began to build. Voices raised in joy. The characters in vibrant costumes burst forth.

My family sat enjoying the presentation of The Lion King at Disney World, a truly amazing experience.

And there she sat. A woman with her phone out, filming the performance. Watching the entire incredible spectacle from the other side of a 4×2 inch window.

I’m sincerely hoping she had seen the performance numerous times, and simply wanted to record if for future viewing after having seen it live before. Maybe she recorded it for someone who wanted to see it and couldn’t be there. Maybe.

How often have you made that mistake? You’ve gone to your child’s school program or sporting event and in your quest to preserve the memory you completely miss being present in the moment. It’s a dangerous trap, and easy to fall into. I’ve found myself before desperately trying to acquire the perfect shot, only to realize I was completely missing what was actually happening on the stage.

Don’t get me wrong. I love pictures and videos. They certainly have their place. Just don’t get so caught up in preserving the past for the future that you miss the present. Especially if you are a parent, the “Hey, watch me!” years pass all too quickly. Be sure you’re really watching, and not just from the other side of a lens.


Photo from Stock Exchange

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