At Church with Pot in your Pocket


I’m sorry, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this on my blog. My friend Kristen works at a local church as their children’s minister. She found this sweatshirt in the parking lot on Sunday and she took it home and washed it. So kind of her. It wasn’t until after she washed it she realized there was marijuana in one of the pockets.That might have been a good item to leave at home. Who knows, maybe someone at church gave it to them during Sunday school.

Where does one even begin with that kind of discovery? My first thought was, “Who goes to CHURCH with DRUGS in their pocket?!?!”

But maybe the more important question is, who doesn’t?

Okay, so maybe it isn’t pot, and it isn’t in your pocket, but what do you show up with at church that you wouldn’t want other people to see?

“Religious” people have scared away numerous people from the church due to their hypocritical ways. Priests practice sexual abuse on children. Ministers have affairs. Elders embezzle money from the offering. Husbands physically or emotionally abuse their wives behind closed doors. Women gossip about their fellow church goers. The Bible teaches love, but we ostracize entire people groups when they don’t think like we do.

Because, truth is, no matter how good we think we may be, we all have at least a little bit of pot in our pocket. Whether it be lust, envy, ingratitude, selfishness, or hateful thoughts and the like, none of us are immune. Thank goodness for grace, because we’re all just a mess without it.


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