Out of the Mouths of Babes


One morning when Joshua was four years old I was preparing to leave to teach a lesson to a women’s group at my church. I had a lot of things to pull together and I was running around like crazy. I got out to the car and realized I had left something inside. I ran back in to retrieve it. We were finally on our way when about halfway there I realized I had forgotten something really important. I had to stop at Target to get what I needed. On the road once again, Joshua says in a matter of fact tone, “Mom, you know it’s good to have a plan or make a list. You know like Papa Bear should have done. Then you wouldn’t have forgotten so much.”

Ah, the wisdom from our young ones. We had recently watched a Berenstain Bears episode where Papa Bear was going on a fishing trip, but he kept realizing he had forgotten all kinds of things that he needed. The episode was all about the importance of being prepared.

Consider me schooled. He was exactly right.

Joshua is naturally a planner and organizer. He arranged his library books by categories at the tender age of four. The other day I found the above picture laying on the kitchen table. “What’s this?” I inquired.

“Oh, that’s my plan I drew out for how I want to set up my Legos on my shelf,” he responded.

What? You mean your kids don’t do that? Honestly, I can’t imagine many that do, but I’m sure there are some.

Sometimes the mess in our lives occurs because we operate without a plan. With just acting in a proactive way we could prevent much hardship.

Not everyone enjoys setting goals, but even small changes can make life easier. Is bedtime difficult? What is one thing you could do to make it better? Do you find your mornings are completely chaotic? One adjustment can make a huge difference. For example, I cut television viewing out of our mornings this school year and it has made a world of difference. Is there some area of your house that is completely disorganized? Brainstorm some steps to get it back into shape.

Too often I’ve looked at the whole picture and felt simply overwhelmed. Focusing on just one thing that can be improved, even if that just means starting with a list, can get you on the right track.

I genuinely love how the wisdom from my little guys can have a positive impact on me. We can learn so much from children, and maybe a little bit from the Berenstain Bears, too!



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