Five Minute Friday: Write


I know women who can take hair in their hands and create a beautiful hairstyle. There are people who teach, believing knowledge is power, and they prepare and empower students for the future. I have dear friends who write cards that encourage and uplift those who receive them. I talked with a woman once who loved doing manicures because she made women feel pampered and special.

We all have special gifts and talents. I’ve been told mine is writing. When I put fingers to the keyboard my heart bleeds out. With each keystroke I desire to encourage, inspire, empower, and edify those that read my words. I desperately wish to help others see the hope, joy, and blessings in this crazy world we call home.

Sometimes I think I’m down right crazy to have a blog the world can see. I constantly question how much my words really matter. Yet, again and again I hear the subtle whispers prodding me to put myself out there so that at least one person might not feel alone.

With each post I publish I hope to get you one step closer to knowing just how important and precious you are to those around you. May you be blessed by my feeble words that make their way to your screen.

 Photo from sxc.huFive Minute Friday

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