Success on a Continuum


I walked three straight miles for the first time in my life the other day on a local trail…an amazing accomplishment for this exercise challenged gal. Right as I started out my walk I came across a friend. She had walked from her house to the point where I was starting, and she planned on running back the other direction.

When she eventually passed me, she said something like, “Forgive my heavy breathing.” (I could be making that up since I had headphones in my ears). Little did she know in that moment I envied her. Later, my three mile accomplishment paled a bit when the thought crept in, “Sure, three miles, but your friend RAN half of that.”

When is enough truly enough? How far would I have to walk or run in order to feel like I accomplished something I would define as successful?

The first goal might be a 5k, or a 10k. But then what about a half-marathon, a full marathon, or maybe an ultramarathon at a whopping 100 miles? (If you know me, you can stop laughing now.) What about a sprint triathlon, or an Olympic triathlon, but wouldn’t a half Ironman be amazing? A full Ironman would really rock the charts.

I use running as an example, but this applies to any task in life where you have to start small. As I attempt to establish a writing career I need to remind myself to celebrate the most infinitesimal of accomplishments. Sure, I may not have any money to show for my efforts right now, but I’m making progress!

Whatever goal you may have set for yourself recently, join me in reminding yourself that success comes in the progress. We all possess different capabilities and are at different points on our journeys. Pat yourself on the back for whatever forward movement you make, no matter how small.

Maybe one day I’ll be running up behind you, labored breathing and all. Or, let’s face it, maybe not and I’m okay with that.

Since many of my readers are Facebook friends, I would challenge you to share this on a friend’s wall who you know is making strides on their own journey. Let them know you read this and thought of them.


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