Five Minute Friday: Red


I don’t even remember how I found out, but I do remember I instantly saw red. My blood boiled and my toes curled and I couldn’t quite see straight.

I taught elementary school for 9 years. This particular day I learned that one of my students, Holly, had asked another girl, Mary, to go to church with her. A third little girl, Jamie, who attended the same church as Holly got jealous. She looked at Mary and said, “I would be embarrassed to have you come to my church.”

You need to know something about Mary. She had an incredibly difficult home life. No one really knew what went on behind the walls of that house, but I had Mary for two straight years and never saw her mother or father either one.

I pulled Jamie aside. I tried to maintain my teacher stance and leave the fact that my husband was a minister at that church out of my mind. Jamie showed no remorse. I had to remind myself that Jamie had her own demons to fight, too.

Don’t we all?

Five Minute Friday


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Red

  1. Oh man, yes! So real and so true. We can never judge one’s actions because we truly do not understand their life. Thank you for sharing.

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