Win a Starbucks Card

Starbucks-2-150x150One of the greatest leadership lessons I have learned is to welcome feedback. In order to improve we must allow others to spur us on with their opinions.

I need to ask a favor. I need you to talk about my blog in a constructive way. Would you take some time to answer one or more of the following questions either in the comments section, or through Facebook if we are already friends? I need your help to make this an interesting place to land. I’ll take the names of all of the people I receive responses from and randomly choose one from a hat (or something like that). You get the picture. This will be a really formal process (wink). Your comments must be received by Sunday, Sept. 1st at midnight. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday the 3rd. I will be forever grateful for your help.

1. What was a favorite post and why?

2. What would you like to hear more about?

3. What is something that stands out to you about my writing?

4. What kind of reader do you think this blog appeals to?

5. What could I add/change that would make it more interesting, accessible, friendly, unique, etc.?

6. What is one word that you think describes my blog?


2 thoughts on “Win a Starbucks Card

  1. Hey Amy,
    My favorite post was the story you related about going to the restaurant and encountering the grumpy waitress. It was funny and honest, something we could all relate to! If there were one word I would say about your blog, it would be “honest.” You write about issues that all women deal with. I would love to hear more wisdom about leadership, parenting and marriage…real life stuff!

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