Small: Five Minute Friday


My youngest son stood at the curb with his brother anxiously waiting for the bus. This little man normally has a tremendously hard time getting out of bed. I dreaded what mornings would look like now that Austin was entering kindergarten, but this day I was pleasantly surprised. He bounded down the stairs dressed and ready to go.

They stood there together, faces turned away from home, and big brother coached little brother on some last minute details he needed to remember like where to get off of the bus and where to enter the school to get to his classroom. Austin listened eagerly to all of Joshua’s advice.

My parents stopped at one child. My mom was cursed with back issues and the doctor felt another pregnancy would be harmful. So here I am with no one to coach, and no one to coach me.

Austin is so blessed to have a big brother who will lead him in the right direction. You don’t have to feel nearly so small when you have someone looking out for you that way.

Luckily we can all find someone to mentor us, too. It may not be family, but there are wise people all around us who can put us on the correct path. What a blessing!

Five Minute Friday


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