Coincidence or Providence

I love when the planets seem to align. Today I took my car in to have new tires. By the way, if you ever need new tires go to Tieman’s. They are fabulous. I took my iPad with me to work on an article I hope to submit to an online site for women. The tire guy let me know my car was all finished. He apologized for interrupting me. Who knew someone could look so intense waiting for new tires? I explained my work and how I’m hoping to make a career of writing after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years.

Well, the floodgates opened up. This sweet man talked to me for probably 10 minutes about how his wife stays home with two boys and how much he appreciates her, but doesn’t know how to help. With my blog post from yesterday current in my mind, I offered him a bit of friendly advice, including a plea to say thank you regularly. We came up with all kinds of ideas together.

Such fun! I’m not a conversationalist normally, but I sincerely enjoyed my talk with a man who simply wants to bless his wife. I can’t help but think our paths crossed for a reason…maybe for him, maybe for me. Sharing our stories makes a difference!

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