Today I was reading a thread on Facebook about the apprehension of mamas sending their children to kindergarten. I knew I had written a post about that once upon a time. Funny thing is, when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. Turns out, I wrote it, but never published it. So, here is a blast from the past two years ago…

The days shorten. Color already starts to appear in the tops of some of the trees. The sounds of laughter as children splash one another in the pool begins to fade, replaced by the roar of the school bus and squeal of its brakes. Back to school time rolls around again, all too quickly for some and much longed for by others. Maybe, like me, you have one foot in each camp.

I vividly remember the night before my oldest son started kindergarten. Nothing but eagerness filled his little heart, but this mama was in a panic. Not from the sadness of sending him out into the big, bad world of public school, but from the fear that I had not prepared him well enough.

Did I teach him to be respectful of everyone? Would he know when it would be appropriate to laugh and when it wouldn’t? Did he have the courage to ask for help when he needed it? Had I given him enough instructions about bullies to be able to protect himself? I know I talked with him about how to make the right kind of friends, but would that advice stick at the tender age of five?

I read The Kissing Hand, kissed his little palm, and promised I would be with him in his heart. Five years young and still so much wisdom I wanted to bestow upon him, but the hourglass had run out.

That little boy bounded onto the bus the first day and has never looked back.

Decisions about school are agonizing. Are they ready? Public school, homeschool, or private school? Should I choose a teacher? And the list goes on.

Sometimes we make a choice and change our minds. I have friends who have homeschooled that are sending their kids to public school this year. Other friends have decided to keep their kids at home after being in public school. Situations change. People change. We strive to provide the best for our children.

Regardless of your choice, your decision requires faith. We are our children’s caretakers, but ultimately they rest in the hands of God.

My youngest, my baby, starts kindergarten on Monday. I don’t feel the same apprehension I did with my first, but I still have worries. I do find peace in knowing that no matter what my children may face we have a God bigger than all the circumstances they may encounter.

Whether you are sending your first child to school, your last, or getting lessons ready for school at home, I wish you a marvelous year filled with new insights, new friends, abundant laughter, and tremendous growth. Remember, with every new change comes new opportunities. Our children possess much more resilience than we often think.


It’s good to reflect on those days and see how much my little guy has grown. He turned 8 yesterday, and he gets wiser every day. Our fears are often so much bigger than reality.


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