Ohio State: Jason Update

IMG_0605I’ll be honest. I don’t like getting the mail only to find an envelope with this return address. Seeing the “c” word again unsettles my little world of temporary denial and thrusts me back into the reality of having a problem that needs addressed.

We have an appointment at Ohio State on October 7th with a man by the name of Dr. Byrd. He is one of the top specialists in CLL. We hope that this visit will help us become aware of some possible clinical trials Jason can participate in, and give us a better picture of what we may be dealing with over the next several years.

We would appreciate your prayers for this appointment and also for some insurance issues we continue to work through.

I think back to a talk I heard Rick Warren give about life compared to a game of poker. He said, “The cards we are dealt are the things we don’t have control over. I didn’t choose where I was born, when I was born, I didn’t choose my gender, my parents, my race, my natural abilities, my natural weaknesses, but a wise player can even play what seems to be a weak hand, and win the game. There are ways to take what you are given and make the most out of it.” The fifth card we are dealt is the card of “Choices,” and the only one we can control.

May we choose to make the best of our circumstances. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and prayers over the last two years!


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