Five Minute Friday: Belong

Five Minute FridayTrying something new. Writing for 5 minutes unedited. You can try, too. I got the idea here. The following is in honor of a friend based on reality and imagination.

She jumped when the phone rang. The voice on the other end confirmed her hopes. The court date loomed just days away. This would be the day she would find out if the baby would be hers.

The whole process started as a prompting…a whisper. Just as she and her husband belonged to God’s family, they nursed a desire to include one more young one in their own family. One more child to find security in a place to belong.

Fears immediately crept into her mind running along the goat trail paths. How would she react to the long flight to the other side of the world? What diseases might she contract? How would her other children fare without her presence? Would this little chocolate skinned, brown-eyed baby love her?

So many questions. No answers in sight. But this truth: God rescues the broken-hearted. There is always a place to belong, so long as we are in his care.


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