Eating Well: A Series of Contradictions


A cancer diagnosis in the household tends to prompt a person to do massive amounts of research. My husband and I had already started a trend of healthier eating beforehand, but this certainly encouraged us to evaluate what was going into our bodies even more carefully.

Let’s just say that more information does not always equal greater clarification. As Michael Pollan, journalist and foodie intellectual, says in his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma  that human beings seem to be the only animal on the planet that is confused about what to eat.

What lies ahead is the culmination of months of reading books and articles. Prepare to be amazed…and baffled.

Meat eating people have a much higher incidence of cancer. No, that study was found to be based on false factors. You should limit meat to chicken and fish. Grass fed organic beef reduces the rate of cancer. Red meat is terrible for you. Fish is the healthiest protein. You should only eat certain kinds of fish. You must go by a chart as to what kinds of fish should be farm raised and which ones should be wild caught. Fishermen harm the environment. Mass produced chickens are mistreated. Eat more chicken!

Many cancers appear to be cured by eating an all vegetable diet. The best way to eat is as a vegan, because we weren’t made to eat cow products. If you are vegan, it is dangerous and you could do great harm to yourself. Vegans can eat Oreos (so just what are those things made of?). Don’t eat processed foods. They are scientifically engineered and will kill you.

Just eat more fruits and vegetables. They must be organic or you will consume too many pesticides and get cancer. But non-organic bananas are okay to eat because you take the peel off. But only buy local produce. So, do not eat bananas because they are shipped from afar and the fuel emissions are not good for the environment. You will kill the earth. Then everyone will die.

Too much sugar in the body makes cancer cells spread. Don’t eat any sugar. Unless it’s the good sugars. There are different kinds of sugar. High fructose corn syrup is the spawn of Satan. Under no circumstances should it be consumed. Honey is good for you. It can help with allergies. But only if you buy local honey. Honey is not good for babies or pregnant women. Our bodies convert white flour to sugar, so you must eat whole wheat flour. But be careful. Companies lie and say their products are 100% wheat but that isn’t necessarily whole wheat. You shouldn’t be eating any products with flour because these nutrients aren’t necessary.

Let’s talk about milk. It is best to drink non-fat milk because we have too much fat in our diets. Did you know that it is best to drink whole milk because it is the fat content that helps our bodies absorb the other nutrients? You should only drink organic milk. Did you know many organic milks are ultra pasteurized which eliminates a lot of the nutrients before you even have a chance to drink them? Really, you should only drink raw milk. People get rid of allergy problems and other ailments like eczema that way. By the way, raw milk is illegal. Good luck finding it. Buy a cow.

Now let’s talk juicing. Who doesn’t want the chance to drink all of their meals? I find green smoothies look quite appetizing. Under no circumstances should you drink fruit juice. Your teeth will rot and fall out. Juicing alone is not a good option because it eliminates the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. Your hair will begin falling out in three months. Juicing gives you more energy. Smoothies can contribute to inflammation and hypertension. I’m sure this is how we were created to eat. Adam and Eve had a Vitamix in the garden. That’s why Eve was picking fruit.

And never, ever, ever, ever eat fast food. McDonald’s will make you spontaneously combust. I don’t think there is an opposite viewpoint to this one except maybe eat fast food on occasion so you don’t lose your ever-lovin’ mind from chopping the veggies, baking homemade bread everyday, and tending your garden.

Microwave popcorn from a box can give you cancer. Eating meat cooked on a grill can give you cancer. Teflon on our pans can give you cancer. Don’t microwave plastic because it will give you cancer. Standing in front of a running microwave will give you cancer.

Go Paleo! I don’t really know what that is exactly.

Did I clear everything up for you? I am not saying which way is best. I have no idea what is accurate. I am merely repeating, quite truthfully with maybe slight exaggeration, the things I have read in the last two years. This process has chewed me up and spit me out.

This is our philosophy, and I am well aware that many will disagree: eat real food (avoid processed when possible), mostly plants, and in moderation (calories in should match calories burned). We avoid fast food, but still do eat it on occasion. How do we justify it? We don’t. I just can’t do it all. I live in America and grew up on fish sticks and Spaghettios. This is a process for me, people. We also recognize there are circumstances which may lead to what some may consider drastic choices.

My advice? Determine your priorities and be wise. Start small. Set a goal. Make one change at a time that will get you there. Small changes today can lead to big changes later.

What is your greatest food frustration? 

8 thoughts on “Eating Well: A Series of Contradictions

  1. Love it Amy! Its clear there is no 100% right answer but THINKING about and desiring good health is half the battle! Props to you for making some great changes!!

  2. Great post! I found a good website about healthy eating called 100 days of real food or something similar, really liked it. Feeding a famliy, healthiy and not too expensively, it’s hard! Good luck.

  3. Clear as mud! But you did make me laugh. I’d just be happy if someone did the healthy grocery shopping and cooking for me!

  4. I found your blog because you have the same name as the girl across the street as a kid. So there you go!

    I hate fastfood, but no juice? a lot harder to give up. I try to eat no processed foods, but it’s really hard. Even the oils in the door have GMOs

    • So glad you visited. I popped over to your blog, and it sounds like you lead a very different life from my own. I’ve only lived in two cities, and the one was for a brief time in college. I live where I grew up, where my parents grew up, and where one set of my grandparents and great-grandparents grew up. Blessings on your journey!

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