Life Is Messy


     Well, I didn’t have to wait long to tell you why I named my blog Middle of the Mess. Seems like these days that messes are what consume my days. Some made by me. Most made by my littlest guy.

     Today it was me…twice. Tell me if you can relate. There is little more frustrating than making an even bigger mess when you are trying to clean. As I was doing laundry, somehow I knocked the hand vac off of the washer onto the floor. Not only was dirt everywhere, but I turned it on when I thought I had it back together and it blew dust all over me from its rear end. You’ve been there, haven’t you?

     This afternoon I continued with our mulching project. My oldest was at school, so I didn’t have his expertise. This is what I managed to accomplish. Don’t ask me how. Mulch on the walk, not in the bed.


     The other day I was reading a book called You Are What You Wear for some research. It is a book on fashion written by a clinical psychologist. Now, for those of you reading this that know me, you know I am no fashionista, nor do I care to be, but I do find the psychology behind what we wear fascinating. Anyway, the author mentions how if we talk negatively about ourselves, our children will pick up on that. No matter how encouraging we are to them, if we don’t say positive things about ourselves in front of them they can pick up our negative feelings and project those feelings onto themselves.

     So, I decided to ask my oldest if he ever hears me say anything negative about myself. He gave me the example of when I get frustrated with myself for losing things or causing accidents, both of which happen fairly frequently (keys, phones, glasses, purse, etc). This was a good reminder to me that I need to take myself less seriously. Laughter will get me much further than berating myself. I just love the insights our children can give us!

     Life is simply messy, for all of us, though messier at some times than others. Our challenge is to find the joy in the mess.

     Now I have to close, because the doorknob that I fixed on the bathroom door just fell off again leaving my son and the neighbor’s grandson trapped inside. Praise Jesus, I have a bathroom.

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